Best Cordless Combi Drill: 10 Top Picks

Best Combi Drill UK

If you’ve been putting off some of the bigger projects around your home, it’s time to start getting prepared. We put a bunch of different cordless drills and drivers through their paces so that we could find out which ones are best for tackling those ambitious DIY tasks! Cordless combi drills are a great way … Read more

Best Bench Grinder Reviews UK: 8 of the Best

Best Bench Grinder

Have you ever had an issue with your fingernails that just won’t go away? Maybe it’s a hangnail, or maybe the edges are starting to peel. If so, all of this could have been avoided if only you would invest in one handy tool: A bench grinder! In addition to grinding down rough metal surfaces … Read more

Best Chainsaw Boots Reviews & Buying Guide UK

Best Chain saw boots

The worst part about being an arborist is the risk you put yourself in. Oh, and it’s not just any risks; I’m talking life-threatening ones like cuts from electric chain saws or band saws when a branch falls on top of your body. One way to protect against these dangers? Wear boots! These shoes are … Read more