8 Best chainsaw Helmets and Buyer’s Guide For Professional Woodcutters 

Chain Saw Helmet

A chainsaw is a powerful tool that can make cutting through any tree or branch much easier. However, it’s also very dangerous. The spinning chain of the saw can easily catch onto branches and pull you off the balance if you don’t know what you are doing. To prevent injury to yourself and others, wearing a protective helmet is essential …

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Best Cordless Combi Drill: 10 Top Picks

Best Combi Drill in UK

If you’ve been putting off some of the bigger projects around your home, it’s time to start getting prepared. We put a bunch of different cordless drills and drivers through their paces so that we could find out which ones are best for tackling those ambitious DIY tasks! Cordless combi drills are a great way to make your life easier …

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Can Woodworking Make Money 2021? A Complete Guide

Can Woodworking Make Money

Woodworking is a craft that has been around for centuries, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. With just some time, patience, and skill you can create really cool pieces that will be the envy of your friends for years to come. But did you know there are ways you can make money from this hobby? In fact with woodworking …

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WOODWORKING VS WOOD CARVING: Which is better for beginners?

Woodworking vs woodcaving

Woodworking and wood carving are two different methods of working with the material. Woodworkers use their hands to shape, sand, and finish a piece of lumber whereas woodcarvers rely on tools such as knives or chisels to create pieces that often have intricate detail work. Now you might be thinking: “What’s the difference?” Well here are some key differences between …

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How to Tighten a Circular Saw Blade: The Easy Way

how to tighten circular saw blade

If you’re a woodworker and use a circular saw blade, mitre saw it’s important to know How To Tighten A Circular Saw Blade. This can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge about How To Tighten A Circular Saw Blade. There are many different types of How To Tighten A Circular Saw Blade, so it is …

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Woodworking Items That Sell Best: A Guide to the UK Market in 2021

Woodworking items that sells best in UK

If you’re a woodworker in the UK, then you know that it is a tough market to break into. There are many challenges ahead of us and the competition for new customers can be fierce. One way we have found success is through conversion rate optimization strategies. The following blog post will outline ways to increase your conversion rates and …

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8 Best Bench Grinder Reviews UK: 8 of the Best

Best Bench Grinder

Have you ever had an issue with your fingernails that just won’t go away? Maybe it’s a hangnail, or maybe the edges are starting to peel. If so, all of this could have been avoided if only you would invest in one handy tool: A bench grinder! In addition to grinding down rough metal surfaces and polishing up pieces of …

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5 Best Chainsaw Boots Reviews & Buying Guide UK

Best Chain saw boots

The worst part about being an arborist is the risk you put yourself in. Oh, and it’s not just any risks; I’m talking life-threatening ones like cuts from electric chain saws or band saws when a branch falls on top of your body. One way to protect against these dangers? Wear best chainsaw boots! These shoes are specially made for …

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5 Best Chop Saw Reviews UK: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Chop saw

Chopping wood for the fireplace, cutting a tree trunk in half, or just making a few cuts on your deck? A chop saw is what you need. They are versatile and can be used for many different projects around the house. But which one should you buy? Don’t worry, we’ve got all of that information right here! A saw is …

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