Top 10 Best Band Saws to Use In 2021

Are you thinking of making a swing for your kids? Or do you want to replenish your interior with a touch of wood? Either way, the essential thing that will determine your performance is a band saw.

But Look:

You will come across various saws with distinct features, but unlike a Best Jigsaw or any other Electric Log Splitters whose work is to just separate pieces of wood carelessly, a band saw is something for more precision and more accuracy.

An Interesting Fact?

You can expect an immaculate cut with a band saw if you know how to use it and what kind of band saw will suit your needs. I know it might be a situation of total confusion and perplexity, but it is all easy once you get to know what you want and why you want it.

Top-Notch band Saws You Must Use In 2021

Once you step foot in the market, you will see loads of options gleaming at your face. Each one of them will look wholesome and worthy of use. But that doesn’t mean that every band saw is the right choice for you.

Yes, you’re dead right!

You may get overwhelmed with the options. Relax! I have got you covered, and behold the top 10 band saws that you can choose from without hesitation.

1.      Milwaukee M18CBS125-0 — Best Band Saw For Deep Cutting



Cutting through thick pieces of wood is a tough job. Especially if you do not know what kind of band saw will be best for it. Although many people would select an electric chain saw for cutting deep cuts, it is better that you stick to the band saw. I know it isn’t easy to find a band saw that goes deep depths, but Milwaukee has amazed everyone with its deep-cutting features, and that is why you must try it too.

Key Features

The Milwaukee M18CBS125-0 is a significant hit for deep cuts as it has the capacity to cut through 125 x 125 mm material diameter quickly and effortlessly. You can now forget the worry of searching for a band saw for thick wood pieces.

Apart from that, it has an 18V power with 7kg weight that has the option of easy blade removal and blade exchange.

The best part?

It is battery-powered, and you can take it wherever you need without any doubt!


  • Has different adjustable speeds
  • Battery-powered for easy accessibility
  • Deep cut technology for in-depth cutting


  • Have to exchange batteries after a short time.

Final Verdict

It may be the best one for you if you want to have a band saw that cuts deep and is easily accessible for moving. But you must know that the battery needs to change after time.

All in all, it is worth it if you know what you are going for as the speed change feature makes up for most of it.


2.      Band Saw SCHEPPACH – Vibration-Free Performance


Does the vibration in your cutting hinder the precision of the cut? Do your cut becomes uneven due to the vibration of your device?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that with Band Saw SCHEPPACH, as this heavy-duty band saw is just what you are looking for. No matter what may be, the wood quality Band Saw SCHEPPACH had got it all under control.

Key Features

The best part about this band saw is that it is heavy-duty of 230 Volts (AC) and weighs almost 9.5 kg. And how can we forget its blade length, which is remarkable? It offers about 1140 Millimetres blade length and can cut deeply through the wood. The vibration-free technology offers a precise cut which may not have been possible for any other band saw.

If you want a heavy-duty band saw that provides you with stability and power cutting, this should be your ultimate choice no matter what.


  • Provides vibration-free cutting
  • Heavy-duty machinery
  • Ensure stability and power-cutting


  • Takes up more power than normal

Final Verdict

All in all, it is a valuable band saw if you want a band saw to go a long way with you and give you a vibration-free cutting because vibration can make the cuts uneven and imbalanced. Additionally, it does not come with speed-changing options like Milwaukee M18CBS125-0. But on the other hand, it also provides a stable technology on which you can rely easily for deep cutting.


3.      Makita DPB183Z —Best Band Saw For Easy Adjustment


Try Makita DPB183Z for a change. This band saw is blowing the markets for its diverse range of features, especially if you want a band saw that comes with variable technologies and different adjustment choices.

Key Features

It is very lightweight, approximately 3.9 kg, and it’s compact, unlike all the other heavy-duty band saws. The electric brake features allow it to stop in emergency situations, and the blades can be adjusted just as you like.

If that is not enough to please you, you will be thrilled to know that it also comes with variable speed choices, and you can select the one you need easily. Moreover, the blades are easily changeable and adjustable. The best part is that it is battery powered and it will relieve you from the stress of handling the wires.


  • Gives easy overall adjustment
  • Battery-powered band saw
  • Has a lightweight machinery


  • Does not come with batteries

Final Verdict

The Makita DPB183Z is the best band saw you can get if the variable technology attracts you the most. Many people want complete freedom with their band saws and want them to have all the possible features. Well, congrats from these users, as this band saw, are everything they could wish for because it provides maximum flexibility and options to choose from. The only thing that it lacks is the lack of included batteries.


4. VEVOR 8-inch Benchtop —Bandsaw For Accurate Measuring


Are you tired of measuring your wooden pieces, but when you cut them, they come out to be irregular and out of shape?

Well, many people have complained about this for their band saws. But luckily, VEVOR 8 inch Benchtop Bandsaw is nothing to worry about. Because it is a durable band saw that provides an accurate measuring and accurate cutting that is not available in all the other band saws you’ll see.

Key Features

Let’s break down the features of these magic machines. It is electrically powered and weighs up to 37 Pounds. Although this is a lot of weight, the material of this band saw is absolutely fantastic as it is made of high-quality silicon steel that makes it durable and easy to use.

On the other hand, the best part of this band saw is that it comes with a one-button protection switch that avoids any harm. If a child enters the area, you can easily use that button to shut down the device ASAP. It is a benchtop band saw that provides accuracy with a sharp blade.


  • Provides maximum accuracy
  • Equipped with a one-button protection switch
  • High-quality material


  • Weighs more than usual.

Final Verdict

Overall, it is a sturdy band saw that has many features that make it the best. As it weighs a lot and takes up a lot of power, it must be used by professionals. The deficiency is made up of sharp-edged blades that provide a precise and accurate cut, unlike many other band saws. At the same time, the one-button protection switch is what makes it worthwhile.


5. Professional Lumberjack — Best Band Saws For Woodworking


Are you fed up with the darkness that comes in front of your eyes while working? And are you tired of the back-breaking posture that you have to develop while working?

You can forget about all of these things with this Professional Lumberjack Bandsaw as it provides a tilted tabletop that gives a better view for cutting, and you can straighten up your back while working.

Key Features

It has a 6”/150mm cutting capacity that can make deep cuts easily in hardwood. Talking about the throat of the band saw, you will be happy to know that it offers a 10”/254mm Cutting Width throat that allows large pieces of wood to be cut easily.

If that isn’t enough to amaze you, let me tell you another thing. It has an LED fitted table that provides you with better visibility for woodworking and cutting. This 43 kg band saw also has a fitted dust collection tray that makes sure that no mess is made while working.


  • LED fitted table
  • Tilted table for better visibility
  • Wide throat for thick wood.


  • No guarantee for precision cutting.

Final Verdict

This can be your go-to choice if you want accessories with your band saw. It offers an LED fitted tilted table for a better view to know where you are cutting. It does not have options for speed setting, but the wide throat makes up for it.


6. Sealey SM1303 Professional — Band Saw For Resawing


Do you want a maximum throat cut technology with your band saw? You will be amazed to know that this band saw is the answer to your dreams!

With a broad throat and wide blade, it can finish up your work in minutes.

Key Features

It has a throat depth of 200 mm that provides thicker wood to fit in for resawing. On the other hand, it is fitted with dust prevention technology that prevents dust accumulation inside the band saw, which is a significant advantage.

This 16.5 kg band saw is powered with 240 Volts direct electricity source.


  • 200mm thick throat
  • Dust prevention technology
  • Smooth cutting operation


  • No speed adjustments

Final Verdict

It is a band saw that would come in handy if you want a band saw with a fixed speed that works in unison. The deep-cut technology and the wide throat can fit big logs and wood pieces.


7. Ban Saw Workshop Bench Top Bandsaw – High Performance

Ban Saw_Workshop_Bench

Are you tired of changing band saws repeatedly because you do not find the right one for yourself? In fact, in many band saws, some things lack in which others don’t. But it doesn’t mean that you will not find a band saw that works well for you.

You should use Ban Saw Workshop Bench Top Bandsaw to change your mind.

Key Features

This high-performance benchtop band saw comes with a tilted table that provides a maximum view. On the other hand, it has a solid steel construction which makes it sturdy to use. It comes with height adjustments and can easily be used for medium cuts.


  • Tilted table for maximum visibility
  • Solid steel construction
  • Adjustable height


  • No speed adjustments

Final Verdict

The tilted table and high performance make it a good fit for cutting. The power supply is AC and takes up a lot of power. But on the other hand, the adjustable-height and the steel construction make it worth using.


8.Axminster Craft AC1950B – Best Bandsaw For Better Control


What do you look for while buying a band saw? Do you look for durability? Or do you see through the budget?

The Axminster Craft AC1950B Bandsaw gives maximum control and long durability that goes a long way with you without a doubt.

Key Features

This 49 kg band saw is powered by a direct supply of AC electricity and is a compact machine that can be easily stored. It never leaves your side that quick and works for years. The durability is worth mentioning.


  • Compact size and structure
  • Better durability
  • Feasible blade control


  • Does not offer blade adjustment.

Final Verdict

It is the perfect choice for someone who does not want their band saw to take up much space as the compact structure is impressive. Even though it does not give customization, it is still good for durability.


9. Bosch GCB 18v Cordless —Band Saw for Wireless Cutting.


Are you tired of the wire that fixes your band saw in one place? Try Bosch GCB 18v Cordless Band Saw as it provides cordless technology that provides maximum accessibility.

Key Features

It is battery-powered and only needs 18 Volts to operate. On the other hand, the grip makes it easy to use and can come in handy for small tasks. It takes up less power and is easy on the budget.


  • Battery operated technology
  • Less power intake
  • Handy machinery


  • No precision cuts

Final Verdict

It can be your perfect choice if you want a band saw that would operate quickly in urgent need. The compact structure makes it easy to use and easy to carry. Even though it does not give flexibility, it is a excellent option if you need an on-the-go device.


10.PARKSIDE® Metal – Band Saw For Accessibility


This handheld band saw will go for years, if not months!

The PARKSIDE® Metal Band Saw provides maximum accessibility and durability and will never leave you alone in difficult times.

Key Features

It only weighs 6kg and is powered by an electric cable attached to a direct power outlet. It has a powerful motor that operates on 1,100 watts and is exceptional for precise cutting no matter what.


  • Small and accessible
  • Provides durability
  • Precision cutting is available


  • Attached to a cord.

Final Verdict

If that’s not all, it is equipped with various speeds for different types of cutting methods, and you can go through all of them to find out which one works best for you. The handy technology makes it easy to use, and a correct choice for precision cutting, but the lightweight sometimes causes a problem if you do not have a sturdy hand.


A Step By Step Guide For Choosing Best Band Saw

Before buying a band saw, a Mitre Saw, a Mini Circular Saw, or any other saw that you might want to opt for, it is necessary that you know what you are looking for. You cannot just go on buying a band saw without knowing its features.

When you know what kind of features you are looking for, it makes buying an easier process. Moreover, as there are hundreds of options to choose from, it is not surprising when you get perplexed in the decision-making process.

Let me gather it all up, and here are the things you must consider before buying a band saw:

Desktop Vs. Floor Design

Some band saws offer a desktop design, while some band saws provide a floor design. What do you prefer? You know your comfort and your accessibility.

According to many other band saws users who have been experimenting with various band saws, I have come to the conclusion that tabletop band saw designs are much better.

Why is that so?

You can sit on a chair, or you can stand while using it. It is all about your comfort!

Throat Size

Moving on to the next most important thing, the throat size of the band saw. In order to select the throat size of the band saw, first recognize which type of wood you are cutting. Will that be thick pieces or smaller, thinner ones?

Once you get to know your desired throat size, it will be much easier to select the best ban saw for yourself. Most people prefer a band saw with a wider throat size so they can cut large pieces of wood easily.

Blade Wideness

How wide should your blade be? That depends on the precision you are aiming for. If you are aiming for a clean and neat precise cut, then you must select a thinner blade wideness because it will then provide you option for more intricate detailing and accuracy.

On the other hand, if you want a band saw for straight cuts and quicker work, you should choose a wider blade because that will help you in doing your work quicker with more efficiency.

Option For Accessories

Do you want to attach more accessories to your band saw? Or are you happy with your standalone band saw?

If a band saw is not enough for you and you always need more accessories with it, you must choose a band saw that comes with the option of attaching more accessories. On the contradict, if there is no need for such amenities, it is better you stick to your regular band saw.

Power Source

This also depends on your usage of the band saw. If you prefer using your band saw from place to place without having the worry of finding a power socket, then you must choose a handheld or cordless band saw that comes with batteries.

But if you are an old-fashioned folk who prefers performance over accessibility, you should choose a band saw that is attached to an AC power supply.

Wrapping it All Up!

Now you know what you are looking for. You might have owned several band saws before, or it might be your first. No matter what, it is necessary that you choose the best one for yourself and perform carefully with it.

I am sure that with the information provided above, there is no need to look for more. Just buy your favorite band saw without hesitation, and you are good to go. Happy sewing to you!