Being a logger or a worker in a woodcutting industry isn’t a game of five fingers for people. The reason? Cutting woods and molding the intricate log pieces into delicate items is pretty tricky as a beginner. But don’t worry, the Best Hand Saw UK can help you out in bringing ease to your hands!

A universal fact here,

It’s of no doubt the logger industry has dramatically taken a U-turn towards the power woodcutting tools such as circular saws,and plunge saws but still, the fame of Handsaw remains the same. The easiness and precision it brings to the people who love to showcase their creativity is the best thing to talk about the Best Hand Saws UK.

With the increased demand of handsaws by our traditional loggers and woodcutters, we’ve decided to widen your vision with our top picks from the market.


In a hurry? Here are our top 3 best handsaws for the UK.

Top Pick

Bahco 244-22-U7/8-HP Handsaw

  • Highly durable
  • Handles made up of plastic
  • Pretty easy to use
Best Pick

Stanley 515289 Handsaw

  • Heavy Duty
  • Precise Cuts
  • Durable
Editors Choice

OX OX-P133255 Pro Handsaw

  • Sharpened blade
  • Highest quality materials
  • Best Saw for Loggers



High-Quality Best Hand Saw UK In 2021

After spending hours and hours, our keen experts have figured out the top 10 best hand saws in the UK for you. Don’t you feel excited to know the list? Of course, you do!

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

1: Bahco 244-22-U7/8-HP Handsaw – Best Saw for Hard WoodBahco-244-22-U7-8-HP-Hardpoint-Handsaw-7-tpi-550mm-Length

Ever tried setting up a study table in your backyard and losing all your efforts just because you don’t have a gripping hand saw? This can be one of the worst feelings ever. But hold on! We’re going to amaze you by starting this list with Bacho Handsaw. It’s considered one of the top-quality handsaws used for cutting sturdy wood pieces.

Key Features:

The availability of a complete list of remarkable features has made us place this product on the list’s top. It can cut all kinds of wood in few minutes since it’s pretty sharp to deal with. On the lower side, there’re universal hard-point teeth that make it easy for the users to rapidly cut all materials.

Besides this, you’ll get a 0.8mm heat-treated sharpened blade in integration with the sharp teeth. Thus there’s no need for you to worry a little, even if you have the thickest piece of wood to cut out.


  • Highly durable
  • Handles made up of plastic
  • Pretty easy to use


  • Causes wound on hands while using

Final Verdict:

If you’re roaming around to get a handsaw with perfect gripped handles, it’s designed wholly for you! The only thing to take care of is handling it since it can cause wounds on your hands. But overall, it seems perfect from every prospect.


2:Stanley 515289 Handsaw – Best Handsaw for Heavy-Duty Cutting


You must be aware of the items produced by Stanley if you’re interested in dealing with the cutting saws. This company never misses a chance to amaze its customers by issuing the most durable and handiest products. Stanley 515289 Handsaw is one such addition! You’ll love to use this product as a woodcutter enthusiast.

Key Features:

An endless precision is assured in this Stanley Handsaw because of the availability of 30% increased backward and forwarded stroke. It contains precision teeth set which makes sure about cutting the marked parts with great accuracy. In addition to this, a bi-material screwed handle comes with it. Users love to use it while handling it through that handle.

The best part?

Innovation in the cutting mechanism is brought about by the addition of three-sided precision grounded teeth. It’ll act as sharp as razor cutters. The long-life is further increased with the hardened induction teeth in it.


  • Availability of 30% increased precision
  • Induction hardened teeth
  • Bi-material handset at the back


  • The design isn’t much appealing

Final Verdict:

No doubt the design doesn’t attract many of its users, but you don’t have to do with it because there’re many other worthy things to talk about it! Some of these fantastic features include the highest precision and sharpened teeth.


3:OX OX-P133255 Pro Handsaw – Best Saw for Loggers 


Being a logger and cutting out piles and piles of trees every day demands immense effort, especially if you’re using inefficient Handsaws. But don’t worry, we’re here to hold your back with the best Handsaw in the UK named OX OX – P133255 Handsaw. It comes with all those features which are demanded to be present in an ideal saw.

Key Features:

The enhanced flexibility of this product enables the loggers to move it in every direction. Thus cutting the vague log has become pretty easy. Forty degrees and 90 degrees are the two handiest angles in it to move it around. Moreover, the impulse hardened teeth prove the best addition for fine and fast cuts over rough wood surfaces.

It can be the best troubleshooter for all your problems while cutting the wood since it has the highest performance and sharpness. The company never compromises on its quality to ensure durability.


  • Perfect for dealing with tough
  • Highest quality materials
  • Sharpened blade


  • Some users find it a bit expensive

Final Verdict:

You’ll find it a bit expensive at first sight but believe us it’s all worth it. Many demanding features are available in it, such as impulse hardened teeth and adjustable angles for movement. Thus buy it to enjoy cutting convenience to the fullest!


4: Draper 82194 Venom Handsaw – Handsaw for Re-sawing


Woods are the hardest to cut into the most expansive dimensions because of their sturdiness and harsh nature. But people can find the best solution to resolve this matter by getting their hands on Draper Handsaw. It has stood out of the list to showcase its perfection to the woodcutters.

Key Features:

In this best Handsaw UK, the saw blade has got a 500mm first fix saw blade on its lower part. This addition has increased its sharpness to noticeable extents. Manufactured with 1mm carbon steel, the durability of this fantastic Handsaw is more than impressive. Another feature that attracts users is that it cuts wood, plasterboards, and plastic quite efficiently.

Faster cutting performance is ensured by its forward and reverse motions. Moreover, dust removal is also easy because of its various actions of movement on the surface. The grip of the handle is highest as well.


  • Highly durable
  • Manufactured with 1mm carbon steel
  • Easy dust removal


  • It doesn’t cut down the thick logs

Final Verdict:

You’ll find it’s working from all aspects because the sharpness it offers is more than impressive. The only thing you’ll have to compromise with is its inability to cut the thick woods. But it can be the best tool for you if you’re a beginner in the woodcutting industry.


5: Bahco NP-22-U7 Handsaw – Best For Cutting Firewood


Arranging a bonfire for New Year’s night or a birthday party can be fascinating, but it can test your patience when it comes to the cutting of large piles of wood. This is why we’re here with another worthy item by Bahco called Bahco Hardpoint Handsaw that really helps all categories of loggers out there!

Key Features:

A wide cutting angle comes with this best Handsaw UK to move it flawlessly on even the thickest wood piece’s surfaces. The blade length is pretty wide to penetrate the wood. Furthermore, it comes in a long list of colors to entertain the desires of users. A long-lasting sharpness is ensured because of the availability of rugged and pointed teeth.

Here we dig in!

There’s no need to suffer while handling it if you’re a beginner. It has an integrated comfortable screwed plastic handle. The durability and performance of this plastic handle will surely impress you.


  • It offers a cutting angle of 90 degrees
  • High-quality plastic handle
  • Sharpened teeth


  • Some people consider it short in length

Final Verdict:

The sharpest teeth and universal blading system’s availability have stolen the heart of many users out there. However, its length can be increased a bit, but on the whole, it will satisfy all your demands to the fullest.


6: Stanley STA515244 Handsaw – Saw for Fine Cuts


Precision and accuracy are the two most crucial actors to fulfill when you’re dealing with woodcutting. The primary reason behind such immense efforts is wood’s sturdy nature. Thus, another model by Stanley is here to cure all your concerns within few minutes. Stanley STA515244 Handsaw is mainly designed for those who demand accuracy and fineness in their work.

Key Features:

Unlike all other Handsaws, it’s coupled with about eleven different teeth per inch, responsible for increasing the fine finish of woodcutting. Moreover, precision cutting is ensured by the forward and backward strokes. The induction teeth fulfill all the demands about durability and the highest quality of this Handsaw.

No matter how sturdy the wood is, three-sided ground teeth will cut down all the wood edges with great accuracy. You’ll love the bi-material handle in it since it gives an immense grip to the user’s hand.


  • Highly durable
  • Bi-material gripping handle
  • 3-sided ground precision teeth


  • The design of the Handsaw isn’t much appealing

Final Verdict:

The design of this best Handsaw is the only thing that can be improved a bit. But seeing from every side, it’ll prove as the perfect addition to your backyard store. All thanks to the presence of worthy features in it like sharp blades and ground teeth.


7: Stanley Sharp cut Handsaw – Best Handsaw for Plywood


Are you trying to make a new cupboard for your bedroom or just wondering about getting your hands on the handiest homemade table? If yes, you must need Handsaw. But wait, a poor Handsaw can lessen your efficiency. Stanley Sharp cut is mainly designed to increase precision and accuracy.

Key Features:

The handle made up of the highest-quality plastic is set at the back of this fantastic Handsaw. This integration of handle has made it perfect for holding for longer durations without causing any pain in the arm. Moreover, the induction hardened blade is added to it to increase the lifetime of the item.

What makes it the best?

All blades in it are entirely bolted to the handle. This is done only to ensure secure dealing for the users. The quality of materials is pretty high for increasing durability.


  • Stable handle for grip
  • Manufactured with quality materials
  • Handy to use


  • Not appealing as previous items

Final Verdict:

Bi-material handles at the rear portion and induction blades have given a noticeable boost its efficiency the user’s activity. However, the design isn’t as appealing as previous products, but on the whole, it has no comparison regarding the accuracy.


8: Draper 82203 Handsaw – Best Handsaw for Trees


No doubt trees are essential for human survival, but many loggers and industries aim to cut down the trees to meet their needs. This is why the demand for handsaws among the users has dramatically increased. Draper 82203 will be your best pick if you want accuracy at a reasonable price.

Key Features:

The maximum blade length of about 550mm is perfect for penetrating even in the thickest pieces of wood. Thus, you’ll not suffer even for a single second to cut out the piles of wood. In addition to this, all dimensions of this item are pretty comprehensive for better convenience. The cutting angle of Stanley Handsaw ranges up to 90 degrees.


It’s available in orange color, which will easily match your tool kit’s color. The blade is made up of the highest quality carbon steel for increasing its durability. It can cut all types of materials with minimum effort.


  • Highly sharp blade
  • Versatile angles
  • It cuts down wood with the least effort


  • The teeth need to be sharpened most often

Final Verdict:

Concluding all of its features to a single page, we want to suggest you buy it right away if you want perfection in your tasks. You’ll only have to sharpen the blades frequently. Overall there’re no other flaws to lower its demand.


9: Draper 82198 Handsaw – Handsaw for Precision Cutting 


Cutting wood and crafting detailed pieces with neatness can be the most challenging task for you if you’re dealing with large blocks of wood. A perfect handsaw can assist you best in this manner. Thus our experts have decided to introduce Draper 82198 to you.

Key Features:

Unlike all draper models, this one has the perfect ergonomic gripping handle, which provides the ultimate comfort to those whose hands shiver while cutting the wood. It can rotate in 45 and 90 degrees to bring out fineness in every edge of the woodpile.

The materials used in its construction are rigid to make it heavy duty. Thus it’ll suit you best if you aim at carrying out hefty wood crafting. Moreover, it’ll enable you to make fine cuts on wood.


  • The blade is corrosion free
  • Highest quality of materials
  • Unmatched sharpness


  • A heavy than others

Final Verdict:

You may find it a bit heavy while carrying, but we assure you about the quality work with this best Handsaw UK. Ranging from ergonomic grip to the integral angle of 45 and 90 are available with this Handsaw.


10:HAND SAW 400MM – Best Hand saw for Low Budget


HAND-SAW-400MM.jpgThe majority of the users demand the highest quality of handsaws but never compromise with the high price. They all are always in search of something reasonable yet durable. For meeting this very demand, we’re going to end our list with HAND SAW 400MM.

Key Features:

The heat-treated blade in it is regarded as the perfect addition for saving time while cutting the logs. Moreover, the sharpness of the 7 TPI blade system is just more than wow. A comfortable grip handle is also coupled on its rear side.

Want to know more?

Another most appealing feature that people love to talk about is the professional finish it gives to your cuts. A durable and long-lasting cutting blade on its lower side benefits the woodcutters to perform their tasks in less time.


  • Highly efficient
  • Pretty reasonable
  • Lightweight to carry


  • The thickness of the blade is a bit low

Final Verdict:

Last but not least, this fantastic Handsaw has stood out perfectly to meet all loggers and industry persons’ needs. It can be the best solution for cutting small wood pieces since the thickness is a bit low.


Key Points to Check Before Buying Best Handsaws UK (Helpful Buying Guide)

It’s unprofessional to get your Handsaw without even knowing what kind of features must be present in it. Ranging from the durability of the blade’s sharpness, a complete bouquet of features needs to be present in the Handsaw you’re going to buy.

For this reason, our experts have pondered on some to-do points to check before buying any Handsaw.

Explore some of these factors as under:

  • Handle 

The most important thing that makes a handsaw a perfect tool for woodcutting is its handle since it provides grip. So make sure about the availability of gripped and sturdy handle at the rear portion of the item.

  • Stability of Blade

The blade mainly vibrates when you cut a log with handsaws. This will decrease your efficiency to greater levels. That’s why it’s suggested to test the blade’s stability before buying it.

  • Sharpness

Your work’s time duration can be significantly decreased by the enhanced sharpness of the blades in the handsaws. Thus greater your Handsaw’s blade’s sharpness, the greater will be your efficiency to cut the woods.

Wrap Up!

You all must be wondering about the Handsaws’ best qualified to carry out your essential work duties. But after reading all the item reviews above, you don’t have to search for more. Get your hands on any one of these products for better activities!

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