Best Jigsaw to Buy in 2021 [ Reviews & Buyer’s Guide ]

Have you ever witnessed building a treehouse or just making something creative for your child with woods? If yes, the first thing you’ll look for will be a jigsaw! After all, it’s one of those tools that can turn a bare piece of metal or wood into a showpiece with its blades.

And the best part is here!

You all must have used versatile saber blades, Circular saw and MITRE saw for cutting out woods and other materials, but now the availability of jigsaw in the market has relieved many workers. For those who’re working in an industry or those people who’re always ready to bring something out of the box—a jigsaw can be the best gift ever.

After profound research and analysis, our researchers have made sure to gather the most demanded models of jigsaws. 

Top-Rated Jigsaws Review for Precision Cutting

Because of the versatility in the usage of a jigsaw, there are many choices out there. But don’t worry; we’ve made sure to bring you something out of the box by listing down some top-notch options below.

Seems interesting, right? Let’s dig in!

1: Einhell TE-JS Pendulum – Best Jigsaw for Woodworking 

Einhell tejs 750W

Almost everyone working in the woodcutting industry is looking for a tool that can ease his work. Cutting raw material with your hands isn’t the game of beginners, but let us make things easier for you! Einhell is one of those jigsaws which have crossed the limits of perfection in every manner.

Key Features:

Einhell Pendulum Jigsaw provides the best sawing job with all kinds of materials since it’s equipped with a 750W motor. Its compatible motor’s energy is efficient enough to create deep cuts in the most rigid materials. The best factor about it is that it comes with a four setting adjustable pendulum for versatile working.

And you know what?

You can easily change the tools thus; it makes it possible for the users to adjust T-shaped and U-shaped blades. Moreover, the quality of the device is ensured with the availability of a high-quality aluminum soleplate.


  • It comes with a dust removal system
  • Offers maximum cutting depth
  • Provided with adjustable speed options


  • A bit too expensive

Final Verdict:

Einhell can be regarded as the best addition to your tool collection as it comes with all demanded features of a professional jigsaw. However, the adapter runs low incompatibility, but some of the best features that increase its demand include dust extraction adapter, effective chip guard, and quality construction.


2: HYCHIKA Electric – Best Jigsaw for Cutting Curves

HYCHIKA electric jig saw

Are you looking for a durable, powerful, and safe to use jigsaw that can add a professional touch to your work? If yes, we’ve got your back with the most demanded jigsaw ever! HYCHIKA electric jigsaw is one of the best additions to this list. Plus, it comes with all those top-demanded features that must be present in a durable jigsaw.

Key Features

The first thing that sets it apart from all other items is the availability of six adjustable settings with versatile speed. Depending on the type of materials you’re cutting, you can adjust the speed. A heavy motor of about 800W is integrated within it, which generates powerful surges for comfortable cutting of even the most rigid materials.


HYCHIKA jigsaw comes with 0-3 orbital sets, making it easy for the users to cut down different types of materials.


  • It comes with a dust removal system
  • Offers maximum cutting depth
  • Provided with adjustable speed options


  • A bit too expensive

Final Verdict:

No doubt its price may upset you at first, but we’re confident that you’ll love it as a whole as it provides the most comfortable working experience ever. It lets the users have a full grip while cutting the materials. Thus you can finish your work in less than expected time with it.


3: GALAX PRO Jig Saws – Jigsaw for Cutting PVC

galaxy pro jigsaw

The majority of the jigsaws are pretty heavy to carry for longer durations. This makes most mechanics and loggers look for an item that can cut all kinds of materials, mainly wood and PVC, without hurting their hands. Considering this very demand, we have decided to introduce you to GALAX PRO jigsaws. You can enjoy compatibility with this item with almost all kinds of power-producing devices.

Key Features:

GALAX PRO’s efficiency is significantly increased with the integration of a powerful motor that rotates the cutting blades at the speed of about 2500PRM. This feature makes it perfect for cutting down all types of materials. This jigsaw’s maximum cutting angle is about 45 degrees, so users can quickly move it around.

The best part?

It contains lithium batteries within it, which increases the working time. In addition to this, it has got a fantastic feature of tool-free blade changing.


  • Wide cutting angle for hard objects
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Very lightweight to carry


  • Some folks don’t find it durable

Final Verdict

GALAX PRO’s durability factor may need some improvement, but on the whole, you’ll find it perfect from all aspects. Besides all of its unique features, you’ll get some additional accessories with it. Thus purchasing it will not be a wrong decision at all.


4: Einhell RT-JS 85 240 V – Jigsaw for Beginners

einhell rt 85 240 v jigsaw

The vibratory movement of regular jigsaws often makes people lose their grip on the material they are cutting. For resolving this problem of the majority of our users, we’ve come up with Einhell RT Jigsaw – another top-rated option for additional grip. Many great features in it are more than enough for making it the choicer of many users out there.

Key Features

Unlike all other jigsaws, Einhell doesn’t need any tools for replacing the blades. You can change all the appropriate blades manually. Moreover, it’s compatible with T-shaft and U-shaft blades for increasing the versatility of its performance. The presence of electric stroke has made it easy for the users to adjust the various speed levels according to use.

The availability of adjustable pendulum stroke has enhanced the usage of this device among all users. Plus, it has an LED light that ensures continuous working.


  • Available in many colors
  • Provided with the aluminum soleplate
  • Blade changing without tools


  • It doesn’t offer an LED display

Final Verdict

We assure you that it’ll never disappoint you if you’re looking for some durable and versatile jigsaws. However, the absence of an LED plate is the only downside of it. But it’ll suit you best if you demand a comfortable working experience.

5: Bosch Cordless Jigsaw – Best Jigsaw for Coping 


No one can afford lengthy electricity bills after working with jigsaws. Moreover, coping and dealing with cords are one of the most annoying things about jigsaws, but wait, here’s the good news for you! Bosch Cordless jigsaw is the only tool that doesn’t offer the heft experience of wood or metal cutting. Light, compact, easy to use, and most importantly, maneuverable for convenient handling and cutting materials.

Key Features

The significant aspect that makes people believe in its efficiency is that CutControl has tested it for its precision cutting. Another best part to talk about it is that it offers low vibrations while working. Thus you’ll not experience any pain in your arm even after hours of working with it.

The most exciting part!

It comes with a cardboard box which stores all its accessories in the most promising way. Furthermore, the lightweight feature is also worthy of counting.


  • It comes with versatile saw blades
  • Cuts deeper in the materials
  • It doesn’t come with a cord


  • It’s not compatible with Bosh professional batteries

Final Verdict

The only thing you’ll have to compromise with is the compatibility with Bosh Professional batteries. There’s no other better option beyond this for those who don’t want to be bothered by the cords. Thus buy it right on the go for convenience.


6: Einhell TE-JS 18 – Jigsaw for DIY


Are you a do-it-yourself enthusiast looking for a tool that can increase power and convenience while working? There are many chances that you must be looking for some best models by Einhell. Reason? It never fails to amaze the users with versatile models. Einhell TE seems like the perfect choice since it comes with a rechargeable battery power pack.

Key Features

The presence of quadruple adjustable pendulum stroke enables many users to minimize the inconvenience of moving it around. You can observe the power surges and performance of this device by the LED light. You can enjoy a clean and dust-free working experience with it since it provides a dust-blow function.

Do You Know?

If you’re demanding precise cuts in hard materials, you can use a robust sawing shoe in it. This feature will let you make the most accurate cuts.


  • It comes with an LED light
  • Very lightweight to carry
  • Offers rechargeable battery power pack


  • The quality of the materials isn’t promising

Final Verdict

You’ll get a chance of a Power X-change battery along with a compatible charger with it. The materials’ quality needs to be focused on a little, but you’ll love it because it has got a chip splinter guard for clean cutting.


7: Terratek 800W Electric – Jigsaw for Money


It’s pretty challenging to buy additional blades with jigsaws just because you need to cut different materials every day. But now the wait is over! Terratek jigsaw is here to satisfy you with its tool-free blade changing mechanism. Besides this, it offers a wide range of appealing features such as adjustable soleplate and versatile cutting angle.

Key Features

A laser guide with Terratek jigsaw made it easy for the workers to cut most of the most complex materials with the most fantastic accuracy. The presence of six different speeds will make you able to set the button according to your convenience. The cutting beam will act at the rate of about 3100SPM.

Yes,  you’re dead right:

It offers the easiest cutting experience because of the integration of five blades in it. These blades are more than perfect for cutting all kinds of materials in a minimal time duration.


  • Electric power surge
  • It comes with a repair warranty
  • Built-in laser guide


  • Not compatible with some device

Final Verdict

A complete combination of an electric power surge, quick blade change, and built-in laser guide has ranked Terratek as one of the wisest choices among all users. The compatibility may cause some issues, but you’ll love it as a whole with all of its unique features.


8: Einhell TE-JS 18 Li Solo X-Change – Best Jigsaw for Hardwood


When it comes to cutting hardwoods, the primary requirement is the need for a solo charge battery that can support its longer operation duration. This is why we’ve made the Einhell TE solo charge the significant product of our list. Its universality and versatility have gained the trust of many hardworking persons out there.

Key Features:

It is a great thanks to its clean cutting results that come because of the addition of chip splinter. You’ll never experience a dusty working area while using it. The blow-off function of the dust cleaner also performs the best. A sawing shoe is present in it, which will create the deepest cuts in all types of materials.

It has got a 2.5 Ah battery which is the best feature to talk about it. It supports extended usage with low consumption of electricity.


  • Saves power
  • Dust blow-off function
  • Lithium-ion battery


  • Not suitable for beginner users

Final Verdict:

Concluding all of its unique features to a single page, we’ll like to suggest you buy it right on the go if you demand something durable yet convenient. However, it’s not suitable for beginners, but at the same time, it offers an excellent working experience to experienced persons.


9: TACKLIFE 800W Electric – Best Jigsaw for Laminate Flooring


Can you afford to put cut your hand instead of cutting down the wood just because of instability? It is the worst experience ever! Hence, for defining a stable and steady working experience for our users, here’s TACKLIFE to sort out all your problems. With a carrying case, it supports many other features which will steal your heart.

Key Features:

The pure copper-made motor has gained the maximum power production for dealing with heavy works. The 3000 RPM is more than wow for cutting even the thickest and hardest materials. The variable speed is responsible for efficient and accurate cuts. In addition to this, there’s a LED light for increased visibility.

It can easily rotate in all directions because of the presence of four-position orbital action. A switch lock and other accessories like a tool cage are available in its package.


  • Offers faster cutting
  • High orbital rotation
  • Generates deep cuts


  • The operation is a bit complex

Final Verdict

You’ll find all its operation a bit complex at the very first size but trust us, it offers the best working experience with all its unique features. It’s also the solution to the concerns of cuts.


10: Bosch GST 18 V – Best Jigsaw for Cutting Metals


Dealing with jigsaws needs profound experience since it ensures safe and steady working. So getting hands on the professional jigsaw isn’t a task for beginners. That’s why Bosh always makes sure to provide perfect stroke height and stability while cutting materials.

Key Features:

A wise integration of professional 18 V systems increases its demand among all its users. Moreover, it’s compatible with all kinds of devices that support its operation. Furthermore, it has got all the jigsaw tools which are needed for its operation.

A stroke height of about 23mm will allow you to make deep cuts in many materials. It comes with a toolbox to store all its integrated accessories.


  • Very easy to operate
  • Offers 45-degree rotation
  • High stroke height


  • Not attractive warranty

Final Verdict

The warranty of this model by Bosh may need some improvement. At the same time, it has got a complete bucket of many fabulous features responsible for increasing its sales. So it’ll be a good choice for you!

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Jigsaws [A Helpful Buying Guide]

Whenever you’re out buying cutting tools, especially jigsaws, many things hit up your mind. The primary reason behind this is purchasing an inefficient tool will bring you the worst working experiences.

So the wait is over! We’ve decided to guide you about certain factors that you must need to consider before buying jigsaws.

Some of these factors include:

  • Orbital Action

The rotatory motion of the jigsaw is wholly dependent on its orbital action. Thus if you want to cut the material from every angle, grab an option with the best orbital motion.

  • Motor Power

The deepness of the cuts generated by a jigsaw comes because of the power surges. Thus make sure to buy a jigsaw which has got the most powerful motor with versatile power production.

  • Versatile Blades

Try to choose a jigsaw that has the feature of changing blades according to the materials’ nature. This feature is responsible for generating cuts.

Wrap Up!

You can never deny the importance of a best jigsaw if you’re a logger or a mechanic at a workshop. We’ve tried our best to help you out by bringing you the most demanded options. So get ready to perform at your best by choosing any one of the jigsaws mentioned above.


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