[Latest Models] 7 Best Scroll Saws Reviewed

Whether you are a DIYer or a craftsman, Best scroll saw is a tool that you must possess no matter what. From toughness to functionality, these saws have got all the features for you.

The Upside?

These saws are all-rounder since they excel at every task they perform.

Unlike a miter saw, these saws offer intricate, refined, and precise cuttings and edges. Moreover, in contrast to Cordless Circular Saws , scroll saws are much more powerful and can perform a wide variety of tasks in a short time.

So, if you are thinking of crafting delicate birdhouses, 3d puzzles, jewelry, and decorative boxes, a Scroll saw is the perfect tool for you.

TOP 3 BEST Scroll Saws

In a hurry? Here are our top 3 best Scroll saws for the UK.

Best Pick

Table Saw & Fretsaw

  • Low vibration
  • Easy to use and store
  • It comes with guide rails to help you in measurement and cuttings
Editor’s Choice

Proxxon DSH 2 Speed

  • Works silently
  • Solid and heavy duty
  • Provides vibration-free cutting
Best Pick

Sealey SM1302 Variable Speed

  • Operates with pinned and pinless blades without the need for buying adaptors
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Has a dust extraction port to keep dust off the workplace



Best Scroll Saws You Must Have

So, you have made your mind to get help from a scroll saw but, the real problem happens when you come across with dozen of scroll saws on the market. Annoying, isn’t it?

Good news: 

We’ve assembled the Top Scroll Saws and their features to save you time and help you make the right decision. Let’s get straight to the top picks.


1: Proxxon DSH 2 Speed Scroll Saw- Quietest Scroll Saw : Best DIY Choice


When making precise cuts, one thing that annoys and disturbs the DIYer is the engine’s noise. Some motors are too loud (Like jet engines) that it becomes difficult for the person to focus on the work. As precise and smooth cuts require your full attention, with this in mind, a super quiet saw might be the right choice for you.

The Proxxon DSH Speed Scroll Saw is your real bet here. This super quiet saw cuts through thick pieces of wood without making noise, allowing you to focus on your project fully.

Key Features

From providing you accurate work to precise and intricate cuts, this saw is for sure an all-rounder. It has a 205W brushless motor that runs at 900 or 1400spm speed, making it one of the most efficient tools.

It comes with a blade holder that can be attached to a standard and a pinless saw blade. The presence of an adjustable nozzle makes it easy for the worker to have a clear and perfect view of the work by keeping the dust off the table.


  • Works silently
  • Solid and heavy duty
  • Provides vibration-free cutting


  • Has no clamp to keep the wood in place

Final Verdict

It is the best scroll saw in terms of quiet and vibration-free performance. The absence of a clamp might not be a big deal because you will quickly get used to these tools once you get a little knowledge and expertise.


2: Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw 16-inch- Best Scroll Saw for variable speed



Do you want a tool that is versatile enough to cut through different materials? Choose the Record Power — from wood, plastic to thick metals, this scroll saw can trim every material.

It allows you to do precise and intricate cuttings in a wide variety of materials. Whether it’s making toys or swings, or cabinets, the SS16V gives you a great chance to show the world your creative crafting side.

Key Features

You might agree with me if I say: Variable speed is the key feature of this saw. If you want to cut through plastics and metals, then the slower speed option is there for you. And if you’re going to craft wood up to 50 mm thick, you can easily switch the settings to fast speed.

Best of all?

Talking about switching the speeds, let me tell you that this tool comes with a fantastic feature that allows you to change the blades in between your cutting sessions to avoid disturbance and interruptions.

User safety is one of the main priorities of Record power, that’s why they have included a clamp handle to protect the user from any mishap during work.


  • Well-built and easy to use
  • It has a light bulb for the user’s convenience
  • Offers smooth bevel cuts


  • Vibrates during cutting sessions

Final Verdict

This tool might be your go-to choice as it contains all the necessary features that must be present in a scroll saw. Vibration may be an issue, but the variable speed feature and quick blade changing feature make it stand out in the market.


3: Sealey SM1302 Variable Speed Scroll Saw- Best Scroll Saw for crafting



Crafting and making neat and precise cuts isn’t as easy as a five-finger exercise. But it’s not difficult when you have got the right tool with you. .The Sealey SM1302 Scroll Saw is the perfect solution for this. Unlike electric log splitters, the Sealey SM1302 Scroll saw cuts more neatly, intricately, and precisely.

Key Features

This remarkable saw features a variable speed operation that gives you the chance to cut through various materials with ease, making it a versatile tool. It comes with a 120W that runs at a variable speed of 400-1600spm, allowing you to make accurate and precise cuts.

In addition to this, it comes with a parallel-arm design and a safety clamp handle to ensure a user’s convenience and safety.


  • Operates with pinned and pinless blades without the need for buying adaptors
  • Has a dust extraction port to keep dust off the workplace
  • Solid and sturdy


  • The air blower pipe is small

Final verdict

Well, for those who want to achieve precision and neatness in every cut they make, the Sealey SM1302 Scroll saw is the ideal choice. The blower pipe’s length is not a big issue because it can be solved by attaching a hose to it.


4: Dremel MS20 Moto-Saw Scroll Saw, 2-in-1 Compact Table Saw & Fretsaw- Compact Scroll Saw



Are you looking for a scroll saw that is compact and handy? Try your hands on  Dremel MS20—this ideal scroll saw is so lightweight that you won’t even feel that you are holding it.

Compact and lightweight saws are easy to use and are designed by keeping in view the user’s convenience. Consequently, the Dremel MS20 is the ideal fit for you.

Key Features

The compact design of the Dremel MS20 makes it stand out in the market. The small size doesn’t mean that it lacks any of the features present in other scroll saws. This saw has a wide range of different blades that can cut through many materials like wood, PVC, metal, etc.

As the name says 2 in 1, so it contains two saws: Fretsaw and Dremel Moto-Saw. The Fretsaw offers a stationary mode for handling precision and accurate work, while the Dremelmoto-saw offers a handheld mode for handling large projects.


  • Low vibration
  • It comes with guide rails to help you in measurement and cuttings
  • Easy to use and store


  • The instruction manual is difficult to understand

Final Verdict

Despite its small and compact size, this scroll saw has got all the essential features. It is perfect for those who want all the desired features in a compact form.


5: RYOBI Stationary Scroll Saw 125W – 405mm RSW1240G- Best Affordable Scroll Saw



If you are searching for a scroll saw that fits your pocket but, on the other hand, contains all the essential features present inexpensive saws, then the RYBOI stationary scroll saw is there to solve your problem.

Price should never come in the way of your creativity and crafting; therefore, RYOBI is there to let you cut intricate and neat designs.

Key Feature

The Ryobi scroll saw runs on a 125W motor at a variable speed of 550-1700 SPM. User’s convenience was kept in mind while designing this super scroll saw as it contains a light bulb, dust port, and air blower.

A low budget doesn’t mean that it is of low quality. Its body is made up of Cast Iron that provides extra strength and stability to the machine.


  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Durable and reliable
  • Handy and offers smooth and straight cuts


  • Vibrates while working

Final Verdict

Well, for someone whose primary concern is money, the Ryobi scroll saw is ideal. It contains all the desired features at such a low price. Vibration may be an issue, but someone who has the expertise and knows how to handle tools can efficiently work with this saw.


6: Switzer 16″ Variable Speed Scroll Fret Saw- Durable Scroll Saw



For a professional carpenter or a craftsman, a durable and heavy-duty scroll saw is a must-have tool. Therefore, there is no better option than the Switzer 16’’ Scroll fret saw.

Why I’m saying that?

This remarkable saw is a perfect blend of functionality and technology. Its body comprises heavy-duty iron with a cement cast plastic base, which provides durability and stability to the unit.

Key Features

This unit offers low vibrations to let you do your work with maximum comfort and convenience. It is powered by a 125W motor that runs at a variable speed of 550-1650SPM, cutting through different materials like wood, plastic, and metals.

What features stand it out from competitors?

It has a built-in LED work light that lets you see clearly and visibly your project. Moreover, the parallel arm design and safety clamps are added to protect a user from any mishap or injury.


  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Allows smooth bevel cuts
  • Blades are easy and quick to change


  • Blowpipe might not be very effective in removing the debris

Final verdict

All the features mentioned above show that it’s an excellent tool for sure and has a long life span because of its sturdy body. However, the blowpipe is an issue, but this minor fault can be ignored and dealt with a little bit of expertise in contrast to the amazing features.


7: Proxxon DS 230/E – Best scroll saw for delicate jobs



Whether it’s cutting intricate designs or building toys, a saw specially made for this job is needed to perform the task professionally (Who doesn’t want to look like a pro?). Hence, for this purpose,Proxxon DS 230/E stands out among other tools.

Key features

The Proxxon DS 230/E can cut through all types of materials like plastics, softwood, hardwoods and metals without any hassle. It comes with a moveable head, which can be beneficial while cutting and crafting. The built-in railing guide helps the user to do exact measurements and cuttings. One of the unique things about this tool is it includes five blades: 2 fine-toothed and three coarse-toothed. Moreover, unlike a Jig Saw, the blades of Proxxon are powerful and have a longer life span.


  • Sturdy and well built
  • It has an adjustable head with three positions
  • It offers minimal vibration


  • Has short blade length

Final verdict

It can be your perfect choice if you want to do delicate tasks with greater precision. The adjustable head makes it easy for the user to do the projects. Moreover, it works very quietly, making work fun for the user.


Step-by-Step Guide to Try your Hands-on Best Scroll Saws

From the above guide, you might have got an idea about the ideal scroll saw for you. But the real problem comes to play when you encounter dozen of products in the same category.

That’s where the helpful buying guide comes into the picture:

Let me walk you through some main points you must keep in mind to get the most out of each product. Let’s start things off.

Blade Types:

Scroll saws come in two types of blades, one is pin end-blades, and the last one is flat-end blades. Both of them have their specialties. Pin end-blades have pins at the ends to keep them in place, while the flat-end blades have clamps at the top and bottom of the blade to hold it tightly.

Pin-end blades cannot deliver precise, sharp, and neat cuts; therefore, you should never go for them.

Blade changing capacity:

Changing the blades quickly during work adds a lot of fun and creativity to your cutting sessions. It allows you to make a lot of cuts with greater precision and accuracy. Hence, always looks for the scroll saw that has the blade changing feature.

Speed of saw:

The speed of the saw matters the most. For scroll saws, the speed is measured in strokes per minute (SPM) and can range from 400 spm to 1800 spm. However, a variable speed saw is considered the best because it will open a whole new world of creativity for you. From metals to wood to plastic, a variable-speed scroll saw can efficiently cut any material. However if you don’t know how to set up a scroll saw make sure to check out a complete article from wood craft to know more about it.

Your Turn

We hope our guide has positively helped you select the best product to add magic to your creative projects. We went the extra mile to give you every little detail so you could make the right decision for you.

So if you have made up your mind about your favorite scroll saw, don’t wait a single minute. Go and grab your favorite tool to add more fun and enthusiasm to your cutting sessions.



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