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Best Wood Routers to Choose In 2021

A professional woodworker knows the importance of the right tool to level the edges of a piece of wood. Circular Saws and Table Saws can cut through even the toughest wood piece, but when it comes to intricate designs, grooves, and decorative patterns, these saws are incapable of doing this task.

But there is good news!

Best wood router is here to rescue you and make your cutting sessions more fun! Yes, you’re dead right.

These tools can be the perfect way to do such tasks, from simple bevel cuts to fancy moldings. Carving intricate designs, adding details to your workpiece, shaping wooden blocks, name a thing that these amazing tools can’t do.

Top-notch Wood Routers For Professionals and DIY’s 

We have rounded up the top 10 wood routers that you must have in 2021. Therefore, to find the best wood router for your skill level and budget, keep reading our guide till the end. So, let’s get started.

DEWALT D26204K-GB— Best Professional Wood Router


If you have a versatile wood router, then what else do you need?  Because that way you would be able to perform a lot of different tasks with just one tool. Hence, for this purpose, there is no better option than the Dewalt D26204K-GB.

You might be thinking about how this router is versatile. The feature that makes it the most versatile tool is its aluminum motor that can quickly and easily be transformed into a fixed base attachment with just a click, making it an all-rounder tool. Amazing isn’t it?

Key Features

The Dewalt D26204K-GB is a perfect blend of portability and functionality. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy for you to handle it. With such a compact design, it is the most powerful tool you can get.

The variable speed 16,000 to 27,000 is what makes this model stand out in the market. The speed trigger makes speed changing a cakewalk for you. In addition to all these features, this router comes with dual LED lights mounted near the base to help you work easily in poorly lit places.


  • Lightweight and easy to use with one hand
  • It comes with a dust-extracting port
  • Sturdy and well-built


  • The on/off rocker switch is small

Final Verdict

It is an excellent product if you have lots of different tasks lined up. This unit makes work so much easy and quick that you won’t get tired even if there are loads and loads of work.


2:DEWALT Router— Best Corded Wood Router



A robust wood router is necessary to do more work in less time. That’s why a corded wood router is considered to be the most powerful tool. They can tackle the toughest tasks easily with the help of a constant power supply.

But the problem is when there are many corded wood routers out there, how will you know which corded wood router is the best to do tough jobs? Well, don’t worry because the Dewalt Router is the most powerful corded router among its competitors, so you’ve got your problem solved.

Key Features

With a 1-3/4 HP and 11.0 Amp motor, the Dewalt DW616 can cut through the hardest woods without any hassle. It comes with a depth-adjustment ring that provides accurate deep adjustments in any material.

Moreover, Dewalt has always been known to provide maximum satisfaction and convenience to the users. Consequently, the rubber handles and low center of gravity style provide full support and comfort to the user.

What makes it better than competitors?

It has a lot of other user-friendly features as well. It includes a die-cast aluminum base so that your router can live a longer life, allowing you to focus on your tasks without worrying about damaging the unit.


  • It has a dust-sealed switch to increase the life of the switch
  • Heavy-duty and powerful
  • Easy to hold and control


  • Its moor can heat up sometimes

Final Verdict

You can’t get a powerful router than this one. The motor alone can provide a remarkable amount of torque and power to complete the toughest of the jobs effortlessly.


3:Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router –Wood Router For DIY


When it comes to precision and accuracy in crafting and cutting jigsaws and Mitre saws have failed to do so, but there is a wood router that offers efficiency and well-functioning i.e. Bosch POF 1400 ACE router.

From making smooth edges to groove cutting, drilling, and even frame routing, this fully functional router will be able to accomplish every task.

Key Features

Besides providing the best precision and accuracy, the other feature that makes it stand out is its powerful 1400 watt motor that runs at a speed of 28,000 RPM. The motor is powerful enough to cut the material precisely with a stroke of 55 mm.

An Interesting part?

A guide rail is also an aspect that allows precise work and accurate measurement to the user. Besides guide rail, the Bosch router comes with a template guide that offers convenient and quick working. As there are two ergonomically design handles, the router allows full grip and is safe and comfortable to use.


  • Has a dust extraction port to keep the workplace free of dust
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to hold and maneuver


  • The instruction manual doesn’t provide all the information

Final Verdict

The instruction manual not providing all the information might be disappointing for some people, but don’t worry that many youtube videos can quickly help you understand this router. In short, this wood router is a perfect fit for a DIYeras it has all the features that can help him do the work efficiently.


4:Makita RP1801XK 240 V 1/2-Inch Plunge Router–Wood Plunge Router


When it comes to wood cutting tools, how can we forget Makita? Working with wood routers can be a dangerous task because a slight mistake can harm or injure you. Therefore, all you need is a safe tool that promises full safety. For that purpose, there is no better option than the Makita RP1801XK.

Do you know?

This model ensures full user safety since it prevents injuries and kick-backs due to electric brakes. It is best for both professional and domestic jobs.

Key Features

As mentioned above, the best part about the Makita RP1801XK is its safety feature. But apart from that, another feature that grabbed our attention and impressed us is that with a 1650 watt motor, it runs at a speed of 22,000 rpm, making smooth and precise cuts.

Additionally, the linear ball bearings offer smooth plunge actions. It comes with a built-in labyrinth fan to eradicate the dust and debris from entering the fan, resulting in the tool’s more extended life.


  • It has a 70mm plunge depth capacity
  • Electric brake to prevent any mishap
  • Has dual LED lights


  • Some users might find it a bit heavy

Final Verdict

The above-mentioned features prove that it a perfect tool for both amateurs and professional woodworkers. It might be heavy to carry, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best wood routers.


5:Makita 1/4-inch/ 3/8-inch 240V Plunge Router – Best Wood Routers On A Budget


Short on a budget but still want to try your hands on the best product? Try Makita plunge router, which goes an extra mile when it comes to giving top-notch quality. Let’s break down its key features.

Key Features

This model comes with a 900-watt motor that runs at a fast speed of 27,000 rpm. The kit comes with a carry box that makes it easy for you to transport the router from one place to another. For added user convenience, the flat-top design makes it easy to change bits.

The model has double insulation that reduces vibration when the tool is in use and protects your arm from any sprain due to exhaustion. Moreover, another amazing feature is that this router comes with a plunge lock lever that keeps it locked at a set depth, allowing the user to work efficiently and quickly.


  • Easy to use and operate
  • High-quality and long-lasting
  • Handy and easy to maneuver


  • This router doesn’t plunge deep enough

Final Verdict

Well, being inexpensive hasn’t stopped the Makita 240V from getting all the essential features. Hence, it is a great tool for someone who wants the best tool without breaking his/her bank.


6:Dewalt DWE6005-GB DWE6005–Best Small Routers For Wood


Small tasks or jobs require a tool ideally made for this purpose because it’s difficult for heavy-duty wood routers to get in small places and do accurate work. Consequently, the Dewalt DWE6005-GB is the perfect tool to do small area jobs without any hassle.

From shaping edges to trimming, this great handy router will help you to achieve them all.

Key Features

This wood router is fully designed to tackle smaller wood shaping jobs that require a lightweight tool to accomplish the job. The Dewalt DWE6005 is so lightweight that you won’t even feel the weight of your hand.

With a 600W motor and a variable speed of 16000 to 34000 rpm, this router is powerful enough to work efficaciously. The router comes with a bump stop switch, specifically designed with user safety in mind.


  • It has a removable dust-extracting port
  • The base is transparent to give you a clear sight
  • Operates quietly


  • It doesn’t work with hardwoods

Final Verdict

It is indeed an excellent tool for someone who has to perform repetitive tasks and small jobs daily. It may be designed for simple cutting and trimming, but it surely has all the heavy-duty wood router features.


7:VonHaus 1600W Woodworking Power Tool– Best Wood Routers For Beginners


For a beginner, the VonHaus 1600W wood router will be one of the best options you can go for.

One of the essential features that make this model best for beginners is its “slow start component,” which best for all those who are new to carpentry work. Unlike a Chain saw, this router provides the user full hold of the tool and doesn’t allow it to cause an accident.

Key Features

With a 1600W motor and a variable speed of 6000-26000rpm, this wood router is perfect for smooth routing on every kind of material. It has an ergonomic design and comfortable grip handles, so you can comfortably hold and operate it.

Great precision can be attained with this tool as the plunge depth can be adjusted up to 50mm, and that all with just a dial. Moreover, this router comes with three brush guides- circle, template, and curved edge, to give you fine and smooth cuttings.


  • Has soft start component
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Affordable


  • It doesn’t come with a carrying case

Final Verdict

If you are a beginner and want to be skillful in carpentry, there is no better than the VonHaus 1600W Woodworking Power Tool. It contains everything that will help you to have mastery of this field. Moreover, it is affordable too.


8:Makita XTR01ZBrushless Cordless Compact Router –Best WoodWorking Routers Compact


When we talk about portability and productivity, the first thing that comes to our mind is a cordless wood router. A cordless router is much easy to carry, maneuver and operate as compared to a corded router. You can freely carry it any time, anywhere.

Key Features

Besides being cordless, this tool is brushless also, offering high performance and consuming less time. The brushless motor makes it powerful enough to compete with the corded wood routers. It comes with a variable speed of 10 000 to 30 000 RPM that allows you to make smooth, refined, and detailed cuts with greater precision.

Wait, we are not ended yet!

In addition to all these features, this tool is compact, which means it offers easy gripping and can be easily transported from one area to another. One more remarkable feature of this wood router is that it includes a lock button to prevent accidental starts putting human life risk and ruining the wood piece.


  • Includes soft-start feature
  • Operates silently
  • Compact and lightweight


  • It is not able to make deep plunge cuts on hardwoods

Final Verdict

Ease of use is the key element of MakitaXTR01Z. It is highly functional and can fit any job that you may have to perform. However, not cutting through hardwoods is an issue but all other features make it stand out.


9:Triton TRA001 Plunge Router– Best Wood Router For Home Use


Domestic woodworkers require tools that can fulfill their day-to-day work requirements, for which professional routers are way more powerful and expensive. That’s why the Triton TRA001 is the ideal fit for domestic woodworkers.

An incredible unique feature of this tool is that it is superbly easy to maintain, all you need is a good wrench and a little bit of expertise to repair it, and you are good to go.

Key Features

The Triton TRA001 comes with a powerful 2400W motor that runs at a speed of 8000-21,000rpm to help you handle light to hardwood cutting and shaping jobs easily. Unlike other wood routers, this router doesn’t overheat-thanks to vents that protect it from overheating and prevent the dust particles from entering and ruining the machinery.

It is very lightweight and handy, so you easily carry it around with you anywhere, anytime.


  • Does not overheat
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Has a side fence to prevent mishaps while trimming


  • Vibrates while cutting

Final Verdict

The above-listed features clearly show that it is the best product for domestic workers. With their knowledge and skills, they can easily get their hands on this high-quality tool.


10:Trend T11EK– High Performance


The trend T11EK is a perfect combination of performance and efficiency. Whether you are a DIYer or a professional craftsman, this wood router is the best way to get your work done effortlessly in less time.

Key Features

The main aim of Trend T11EK is to make intricate designs and patterns with greater precision and accuracy. With a 1/2″ Collet capacity, this tool can help you accomplish the most challenging woodworking projects with ease.

From moldings to cutting jobs, the Trend T11EK can make anything easy and quick for you. The quick-release dust nozzle will help you to smoothly remove the dust port and clean it.


  • Has 80mm precise plunge depth
  • High-quality and powerful
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • The switch is on the left side, which might be a problem for most people.

Final Verdict

It can be your ideal choice if you want to do precise depth measurements and tough professional jobs. It’s a heavy-duty and sturdy machine-perfect to do all kinds of jobs, providing you high-quality results.


Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Wood Router

You probably think you have got all the information and now you are perfectly ready to buy a wood router. Well, it’s not true, you have just got a little amount of information till now, and there is way more to explore. Before buying a wood router, there are certain things and features that must be present in it. That’s why we have listed a few of the things, have a look at them.


Some routers offer a single-speed feature, while others offer a variable speed feature. A router with variable speed is versatile and better than a single speed one. It will help you to achieve your targets with high performance and efficiency. Therefore, always prefer a router with a variable speed feature.


Wood routers are available in three sizes; palm routers, compact routers, and full-sized routers. Palm routers are the smallest of the routers and are best for doing small jobs. Compact routers are powerful as compared to palm routers. In contrast, the full-sized routers are robust out of the three and are built for tough jobs. Therefore, it depends on you which router you want to select according to your requirements.

Dust port

We cannot deny the fact that it is impossible to work without a dust port. The dust from the router can cause blurry vision, resulting in damaging the workpiece and human health. Therefore it is the most crucial feature.

Your Turn

All the products mentioned above are worth adding. Whichever product you choose, make sure to understand its specifications and functions completely. We hope our guide has helped to solve your problem of finding the perfect tool for you. Happy buying!


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